Stage 284’s Youth Studio is offering “Play-in-a-Day” Workshops this fall!

Looking for a taste of theater for your young thespian but worried about the commitment of a full production schedule? Never fear! We have options for you. Come get a taste of theater magic and join us for an entire play in a day!

Youth Studio “Play-in-a-Day” Workshop – Cinderella
Grades 3- 8
Monday, October 8, 9am-4pm
Performance 4pm

Fee: $75
Please fill out the sizing chart link so we can find a costume that works well for every student. SIZE CHART

Please submit by Friday, October 5:

  1. A video clip of your child singing any musical theatre song they love. It can have a karaoke backing track behind it or it can be performed accapella.
  2. Please also have your child read and record a vocal video of one of the short dialogues provided below.Cinderella: “It is such a lovely morning and I had a great dream. I won’t tell you about it because if I tell, it won’t come true. You know that a dream is a wish that your heart makes.”(clock strikes) “Oh, no!!” (She speaks to the audience) “What time is it? Goodness! Better hurry! They’ll be up and hungry and breakfast better be ready.”

    Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother: “Then go to the ball, Cinderella, go. No one’s stopping you but you. Go on. Stand over there. Go ahead.” (She lifts her arms, fairy dust flies, and a pumpkin out of the garden rises, and then falls again.) “What’s the matter with me? You’d think after 600 years… All right…” (She tries again. The pumpkin rolls out of the garden, and rises to a golden carriage.) “We need some horses. Let me see.” (The mice from the kitchen appear, and they grow into four white horses.) “Don’t you run away from me!” (The remaining mice become the driver, & footmen.) “Let’s see, we’ve got footmen, the driver, horses, carriage… is there anything I’ve forgotten?” (Cinderella looks down at her rags, and looks up again.) “Spin around. Don’t make me do all the work! There’s one tiny little thing before I forget. You must leave the ball before the clock strikes twelve. It’s very important. I don’t make the rules. The magic only lasts till midnight. Come on, Cinderella, it’s time to go.”

    Stepsister: “It isn’t easy being the ugly stepsister. Everybody always feels so sorry for poor little Cinderella, but what about me? I deserve a little sympathy, too. Does my fairy godmother ever turn up with a magic wand? Does the prince ever dance with me at the ball? Not on your life. The best I can ever hope for with my pumpkins is a decent piece of pie. And as for the rats, well, rats are rats, with their sneaky eyes and skinny tails, nibbling and gnawing at the garbage. I never saw one yet who turned into a coachman.”

  3. Email clips and any questions to Katie Clarke, Managing

Students will rehearse and present workshopped versions on each themed day. Students will receive voice, acting and dance coaching as well as a prop or costume piece to take home with them after the performance. Students will receive their casting prior to the start of class. The week before, students are asked to send in a video and song clip. After they have submitted their video, a cast list will be created and sent out the Friday before the performance. Students are asked to bring basic clothing items to aid in the creation of their costumes and will be sent music and scripts to listen to and prepare as soon as the casting decisions have been made.

Come dip your feet in Stage 284’s programming with this quick and easy production experience that trains, challenges and educates your budding young artist.

What to Bring:

On the day of the workshop, please bring the items listed below with you to rehearsal. NOTE: Please do not wear them, we will change into them when we are getting into costume.

  • Black or nude tank top/ undershirt
  • Black biker shorts
  • Suntan tights
  • Jazz or ballet shoes or dark colored sneakers
  • Long hair pulled back in a ponytail