Stage 284 Youth Studio’s Wednesday Workshop introduces your theater enthusiast to the science of shows! Our top-notch team incorporates acting, singing and dance training, blocking and theater terminology into each workshop developing the skills necessary to succeed on stage in our Youth Company or Main Stage Programs.

Director Katie Clarke
Choreographer Sarah Bergeron
Music Director James Turner
Grades 1-5
Wednesdays, 1-5pm
Pick up at Winthrop Elementary School at 12:45pm is available.

November 7 – December 19 (no workshop 11/21) – 101 Dalmatians
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In London in 1957, a pair of Dalmatian dogs, Pongo and Missus, live with their human owners, the Dearlys, and enjoy a happy life. One day Missus gives birth to eight puppies, and the family is visited by Cruella De Vil, a former classmate of Mrs. Dearly. Cruella tries to buy the litter, but Pongo and Missus’ owners refuse to sell them. She hires two men, Jasper and Jinx, to kidnap the puppies, along with many other Dalmatians in the city, to make dog-skinned fur coats. Pongo and Missus run away from home to find their puppies. With help from other dogs across the country, they find them, along with many other puppies, at Cruella’s mansion and must get them back home without getting caught by the pursuing Cruella and her henchmen.

Workshop fee: $230.00 for 6 weeks

If you are in need of Financial Aid, please complete a Financial Assistance Application and return to The Community House. Once the review process is complete, The Community House will contact you.
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