Stage 284 Youth Studio

Robust Theatre for All Ages

Stage 284’s Youth Studio provides classroom instruction in singing, dancing and acting, as well as technical elements of musical theater.

NEW! Stage 284 Youth Studio in now offering Private Instruction
Private Voice
Private Acting
Private Dance

Coming soon musical instrument private instruction and group classes!

After School Workshop

Director Katie Clarke
Acting Coach Marci Johnson
Choreographer Sarah Bergeron
Music Director James Turner
Arts & Crafts Marci Johnson
Grades 1-5
Wednesdays, 1-5pm

Pick up at Winthrop Elementary School at 12:45pm is available
Stay tuned for fall workshops!

“Play-in-a-Day” Workshop

Grades 3-8
Monday, October 14, 9am-5pm
Performance 5pm

November 11
November 30
Looking for a taste of theater for your young thespian but worried about the commitment of a full production schedule? Never fear! We have options for you. Come get a taste of theater magic and join us for an entire play in a day!
Fee: $75

Stage 284 Youth Company

Lion King presented by

Production Co-Sponsors Cole Landscaping, Inc. and Hugo and Elena Foster

The African savannah comes to life with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle… and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale.
Performances May 17-26

Stage 284 Youth Company Summer Vacation Workshop

Jungle Book Kids
Ages 7-18
Monday-Friday, July 8-26, 9am-5pm
During the fun-filled 3 weeks, students will work through acting exercises, theatre activities and a rehearsal period resulting in a workshop production on the Stage 284 mainstage.
Your summer star will get a full production experience as well as voice, acting and dance coaching, audition and resume preparation, technical theatre workshops, puppetry workshops and more! Bettchya it’s great! Why wouldn’t it be?

Friday, July 26, 7pm
Saturday, July 27, 1pm & 7pm
Sunday, July 28, 1pm